Christoph Stiefel: Pianist, Composer, Keyboarder

Hello and welcome to my website! Here you will find news and info about my current projects.

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December 2012:  Cultural award from the city of Zurich : a one-year "working grant Jazz" !


"WAVES"- the first CD of the new project "Karl Seglem & Christoph Stiefel Group" (together with great musicians from Norway and Denmark), has been released internationally in January 2015 by Challenge Records. First concerts now in Switzerland, Norway and Netherlands...check it out!


The new Inner Language Trio CD "BIG SHIP" was released in February 2014 together with concerts in UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

NEW CD: Christoph Stiefel Inner Language Trio : BIG SHIP

Press reviews about "BIG SHIP" :

04/01/2014 Stephen Graham, Marlbank ****

'The most startling European jazz trio I’ve come across since first hearing Tingvall trio it’s a delicious album of Stiefel’s own compositions, wrought with their own wistful energy and imaginative bittersweet resolutions. The narrative arc the trio so instinctively assembles spins out, even in ‘First Blossom’ the briefest of the compositions, and draws you in like a moth to the flame as the ship sails blithely on.


01/03/2014 Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise ****

'Stiefel is quietly putting down his own stamp on contemporary piano trio jazz.


06/03/2014 Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz '

Out on the oceans, a big ship can seem ungainly and slow to respond. No such problem for this Big Ship. Throughout the 11 tunes the Inner Language Trio demonstrates a masterly command of rhythm and dynamics—shifting direction and pace with the agility of a speedboat one moment, then gliding sedately with the grace of an ocean liner the next.


27/02/2014 Euan Dixon, Jazz Views

'In his second album for Basho Records Swiss pianist and composer Christoph Stiefel revisits the isorhythmic compositional techniques that featured so powerfully in his first album `Live!` but applies them rather more judiciously in a way that allows his music space to breathe.


15/02/2014 Adrian Pallant, AP Album Reviews

'Stiefel’s compositional and pianistic range is impressive – often full-on-energetic and infectiously rhythmic; at other times, finding delicately reflective backwaters. And in bassist Arne Huber and drummer Kevin Chesham, he has discovered two empathetic musicians who bring their own particular expertise, sophistication and spark to these eleven originals.'


In 2012 and 2013, the new exciting big project Christoph Stiefel’s Isorhythm Orchestra was playing very succesfully at several jazz-festivals :Together with some of the very best Swiss jazz musicians, Christoph Stiefel performes his Isorhythms in a larger, more orchestral line-up (Septet). More concerts are coming up in 2014.


In july 2013 the first concerts of a very new band have taken place at Molde Jazz Festival, Norway (17./18.july) together with some of the finest musicians from Norway and Danmark as Karl Seglem, Jullie Hjetland Jensen, Sigurd Hole, Kare Opheim. This new international Quintet has been in the studio in Nov 2013 for recording the new CD, which will will be released in 2014!


After the succesful first performances of the brandnew duo-program "Tale of a Honeybee" with Japanese dancer Hideto Heshiki at the Tanzhaus Zürich in may 2012, more performances to follow in 2014...